Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Talking about fete!!! The 103 curry duck competition once again did justice to Trinidad and Tobago. The venue was Mayaro as usual. To bad I could not be there but it was excitement to the fullest from the couch of my house, I am 100% sure that i'll be there next year with my belly empty. The Mayaro recreational ground was full of spectators on Sunday April 29 as they all came out to cheer on there favourite teams. The main sponsers as usual was Digicel and 103 FM.
DJ, “D Selecta DJ Naim’’, served up some spicy chutney numbers by Sam Boodram, Rakesh Yankaran and some newcomers whose repertoire include hit numbers on rum, drink, tabanca, liming and the like.
Live entertainment followed soon and artistes from the Karma band, namely Ravi B, Nisha B and Gregory, brought the crowd to cheer with some lively singing.
Then, the Spread Pal Crew with Veekash Sahadeo, Reshma Ramlal and Omadath Maharaj gave the crowd their offering of chutney.
Special guest appearances featured the”Goddess of Chutney’’’ Arti Butkoon and the “Rude Jude’’ Nathaniel Nidhan in the entertainment sector.
But at the end of the day we could only have one winner and they were as follows;

‘Best Curry Duck’ went to:  Kutchela in D Chulha, ‘D’ Lashin Lagoon Duck Crew, D Duck in Rum Sauce Crew, D Duck Soldiers and D Duck Sauce Crew in that order...

“Pepper Roti” Winners were:  ‘D’ Lashin Lagoon Duck Crew; Bucket Duckers and Kutchela in D Chulha in that order.

The prize for “Best Presentation” went to the Everest Cricket Team from Guyana.

At the end of the day everyone went home hoping that next years competition would be even better...... 

Excitement fills the Kutchela in D Chula Camp as they pose with Yassen Rahaman, CEO of 103FM after placing among the “Best Curry Duck” and “Best Pepper Roti”, winners at the Digicel sponsored 103FM Curry Duck and Pepper Roti Competition.  

Jubilation fills the air as the ‘D’ Lashin Lagoon Duck Crew celebrate their win for “Best Curry Duck” and “Best Pepper Roti”.

The Everest Cricket Team from Guyana proudly display their trophy as they carry home the prize for “Best Presentation” in the Digicel-sponsored 103FM Curry Duck and Pepper Roti competition.

The Bucket Duckers just could not stop smiling as they show off their trophy as one of the “Pepper Roti Winners” in the Digicel-sponsored 103FM Curry Duck and Pepper Roti Competition.

 Part of the crowd that attended the 2012 Digicel Sponsored 103FM Curry Duck and Pepper Roti Competition, held at the Mayaro Recreational Ground on Sunday April 29 2012.

Those who cant cook, like me, this video is for you it had shown me  how to curry my own duck Trini style!!!!!!!!!!

I could see your mouth watering!!! lol

Written by: Brandon Seerattan
Pictures: digiceltt.com
Video: You tube

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